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  • Deluxe Kit
  • Deluxe Kit
    BRAND: Squishy Circuits  |  SKU: DELUXE

    The deluxe kit is our most complete Squishy Circuits kit. It comes with more items than the standard kit and comes with pre-made doughs! This kit also includes a deluxe battery holder which has a knob that allows your lights to blink and buzzers to beep at different speeds. Contents: 1 - Deluxe Bat...

  • $74.99
    $66.74 11.00% Discount

    You save: $8.25

  • Dough Kit
  • Dough Kit
    BRAND: Squishy Circuits  |  SKU: DOUGH

    The dough kit includes 7 containers of conductive dough and 1 container of white insulating dough! Each container holds 7 ounces (a normal bought container is 5 ounces). The dough does contain gluten but is safe and non-toxic. The conductive dough does dry out if left out of the container but the in...

  • $22.66
    $20.17 11.00% Discount

    You save: $2.49

  • Lite Kit
  • Lite Kit
    BRAND: Squishy Circuits  |  SKU: LITE

    The lite kit is the most basic kit and includes everything that you need to make your first Squishy Circuits light up quickly and easily. It is ideal for classrooms parties or events where every participant needs their own battery pack and wants to get started building right away. Contents: 1 - Bat...

  • $18.98
    $16.89 11.00% Discount

    You save: $2.09

  • Standard Kit
  • Standard Kit
    BRAND: Squishy Circuits  |  SKU: STANDARD

    The standard kit includes everything you need to get started with some more advanced Squishy Circuits projects that use LEDs buzzers and insulating dough! Contents: 1 - Battery Holder. 1 - Piezoelectric Buzzer. 25 - LEDs (5 each or Red Green White Yellow Blue). 1 - 3.5oz Container of Insulating ...

  • $34.99
    $31.14 11.00% Discount

    You save: $3.85

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